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Andries Steegstra

Andries Steegstra emigrated from his native Holland to Canada in 1982. He has first hand experience of facing the difficult process of making the decision to move to Canada. He also understands the importance of finding the right location, getting settled and integrating into a new society. 

Andries is from a dairy background and has extensive knowledge of the dairy industry. He is also quite involved with the home dairy farm in Olds, Alberta. Before starting in Real Estate he worked for 12 years in the feed industry as a dairy specialist for different companies. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from an established Agriculture University in the Netherlands in 1982.

Andries considers selling a farm is more like selling a lifestyle and that the farm must suit the client. He stresses that personal service to his clients after a sale is just as important as the sale itself. Speaking various languages is an important tool when dealing with overseas clients.

Andries is so motivated to help his clients that he has consistently been rated at the top in production for sales since he started his career in Real Estate and has earned the designation of Platinum Director.

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