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Rural Real Estate Available for Farming in Alberta, CA

Those of us who are lucky enough to live here see the full potential of the province known as Alberta. It’s filled with natural beauty, has plenty of wide open land, as well as friendly and accepting people. The gently rolling grassland and plentiful bodies of water make this land ideal for farming in Alberta, Canada. Our owner, Andries Steegstra, works with people just like you to build a life on the land in this beautiful province.


Central Alberta Farms is a full-service realty company that specializes in the rural real estate in Alberta, as well as a wide variety of other related services. Specifically, we’re very active in assisting immigrants to settle in this welcoming province. We promote homes with acreage for sale so that new immigrants can start their new lives with a farming enterprise.


A Land of Opportunity for Immigrants

So why Alberta? According to studies by the Fraser Institute, “Alberta definitely has the potential to become a driving force in Canada again, and will offer all the benefits to its citizens that go with it.”

As an immigrant himself who has achieved success in this province, our owner believes in the opportunities this land holds for all who live here and those who wish to make a new life for themselves and support that life with farming. There’s plenty of land available for hobby farms, as well as larger operations. We also work with investors seeking opportunities in farming and agricultural ventures.

And, for those of you who would like immigration advice, Andries helps out with that, too. He approaches this process with all the understanding and insight of someone who has gone through all of this himself. Turn to our owner and company for assistance in moving to Alberta to farm the land.

Explore our website to scan our new listings. We proudly serve those who seek a better life in farming in Central Alberta.

Alberta Update 2017

Alberta's rapid population boom until 2015 helped re-shape the country as it churned out high paying jobs while other provincial economies lagged behind.

Unfortunately, Alberta's economic growth has ground to a halt for the last 2 years with implications for all of Canada. Alberta's population grew at an annual rate of 11.6% between 2011 and 2016, compared to 5% nationally.  Alberta also accounted for more than 25% of Canada's total population's growth during that period, despite accounting for less than 11% of the total populations in 2011.

Leading the way were Calgary (14.6%) and Edmonton (13.9%), the two fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the country! Alberta added nearly 500,000 residents in the last five years, which is like adding a new city larger than Halifax in a five-year time span. During the boom, Alberta attracted people from across Canada and the world seeking better opportunities. With the per capita GDP nearly $23,000 higher (in 2015) than the national average and a low single-rate income tax, it was appealing for Canadians from regions with less economic opportunity. Of course with the decline of oil prices, that began in 2014, Alberta has taken a real blow. But with the price of oil rebounding and motivated people looking for work, the province may have an opportunity to once again become an engine for job growth and a magnet for workers. Changes in taxation rates have changed the fact that Alberta was a unique low-tax jurisdiction, now they rest in the middle of the pack.  However, as we leave the recession behind, the province could help to accelerate its recovery by restoring Alberta's pro-growth tax policies of the past. If this happens immediately remains to be seen but future governments may restore these policies. Alberta definitely has the potential to become the driving force again in Canada and will offer all the benefits to its citizens that go with it.

Credits: "Fraser Institute"


The Conference Board of Canada predicts "Alberta will lead the nation again in growth in 2017"  

February 23, 2017 

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