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150 cow going concern dairy in Central AB

- Beautiful 7 bed, 4 bath residence with mountainview on pavement
- 2 x 1/4 good producing farmland
- 3 row freestall dairy barn with feed alley along one side. 2 A-4 Lely milk robots and automated bedding robot on rail and feed pusher Lely
- shop and small calf area, heifershed, dry cow barn, calf barn
- 4 bunker silos, 2 large hay sheds, and lagoon

- Approx 100 milking cows and 120kg TPQ available at market value with farm.  200 cow NRCB permit



Going concern dairy in Central Alberta

​-  dairy near Bowden
- 2 X 1/4 sections of land
- dairy barn with 2x8 parallel Delaval parlor (extendable to 2x12), office, medicine room, shop area, calfbarn
- newer beautiful residence built in 2015 plus mobile home
- 87.6 kg TPQ quota + cows at market value
- 2 haysheds, commodity shed + rollermill, quonset, plus corrals