80 cow going concern dairy - Clearwater county

- One 1/4 of land primarily for forage production
- Main residence - Bungalow 1224 sq ft -detached garage
- Second residence - Bungalow 955 sq ft
- L shaped newer dairy barn - milking parlour is a double six paralled parlour design with room to expand
- additional buildings include calf barn, heifer barn, machine shed,  engineered lagoon and older dairy barns
- Services: Power, Gas, 2 Wells

- 3 miles east of Rocky Mountain House 

- cows and quota available to purchase with dairy

Dairy Opportunity in Central Alberta

​- going concern dairy near Didsbury
- 220 total acres of land
- dairy barn built in 2009 with 117 freestalls and a 2x10 westfalia parallel parlour
- 3 cattle sheds, Calf barn, hay shed, multiple feed bins, lagoon, everything you need to run a dairy
- Two Storey House with 4 bedrooms/3 bathrooms
- 96 cows and 138,40 TPQ available to purchase as well


Going Concern Dairy in Southern Alberta

• 1/4 section land with pivot & water rights
• Close proximity to town (8kms) on pavement
• Beautiful new residence & second older house
• Dairy barn with flat barn parlor, heifer shed, hay shed, bunker silos, calf barn, machine shed, etc.
• Cows & quota available with the farm at market price
• Milking herd is one of the best in the province!
• New 2018 Valley Pivot covers 139 acres




50 Cow start up dairy - Leduc county


​- Start-up Dairy in Central Alberta
- 1/4 Section of land 154 acres, on the pavement
- 48-stall Freestall barn, 2x4 Delaval Herringbone Parlour
- Calf barn, Commodity shed, Shop, 2 Machine sheds and Heifer shed
- Two Storey House 1800 sq ft with double attached Garage
- 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms, Mature Yard


Going concern dairy

​• Located in Central Alberta west of Red Deer
• Two quarter sections of productive land
• Buildings include dairy barn,  heifer barn, calf barn, commodity shed and hopper bins.
• Cows and quota available with farm
• Two residences on property