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The Alberta way of Life

The popular image of Alberta's beef industry is one of spawning ranches in the foothills of Southern Alberta.  Although that is where beef production began it has since spread throughout the province.  The raising of cows and calves in particular has increased rapidly in Central and Northern Alberta.

The cattle feeding industry, which takes weaned calves and raises them to market weight, has shifted to Southern Alberta because of drier conditions and also because the markets for finished cattle are located in Calgary and Lethbridge areas.

The most important single resource needed for beef productions is a land base suited to growing forage and feed grains.  Alberta has such a land base!  Other factors that help the beef sector to be competitive are livestock densities, fresh water, animal health, climate and access to markets.  This gives Alberta and an enviable position compared to most livestock producing nations in the world!  The beef industry thrives in Alberta because producers adhere to standards to ensure that they are providing the best quality of cattle possible.  Operations are committed to raising and keeping livestock humanely from pasture to plate!


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