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$ 6,100,000.00

150 cow dairy going concern in Central AB

  • Beautiful 7 bed, 4 bath residence with mountainview on pavement

  • 2 x 1/4 good producing farmland

  • 3 row freestall dairy barn with feed alley along one side.  2 A-4 Lely milk robots and automated bedding robot on rail and feedpusher Lely

  • shop and small calf area, heifershed, dry cow barn, calf barn

  • 4 bunker silos, 2 large hay sheds, lagoon

  • approx 100 milking cows and 120 kg TPQ available at market value with farm.  200 cow NRCB permit

Going concern Jersey farm Central-Alberta

​• 20 acres yardsite with facilities and an additional full 1/4 for 180 acres total M/L
• freestall set up with 116 stalls, 1 Baumatic MRD2  robotic milking system (double box) and associated milk equipment.  Single three row barn
• Large shop with living quarters, lagoon, single wide mobile 2012
• Approx  45 milking cows and 10kg TPQ at market value extra