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The Alberta Way of Life

Horse Industry

The horse industry is booming along with the province.  There is a place for all interests in this industry ranging from running a few horses on your own acreage to breeding stock, show jumping, riding stables and harness racing.  Horses have become a multi-million dollar business in Alberta.

Horse activities in Alberta have increased greatly over the past several years. Alberta presently has a higher horse population than any other province in Canada and a reputation in the industry that Albertans can be proud of.

Spruce Meadows, located in the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rockies at Calgary, has captivated the worldwide audience of the sport of show jumping.  There is no other place like it.  Spruce Meadows blends the discipline of sport with the communication of international commerce and the goodwill of visitors…bringing Canada together with the world.

Along with the horse racing facilities in Edmonton and Calgary, a wonderful new facility is under construction in Balzac, near Calgary.

Let the friendly people of Alberta welcome you to The Calgary Stampede, harness racing at Northlands Park in Edmonton, Spruce Meadows and all levels of horse shows and local rodeos in between.

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Spruce Meadows


Mother and Foal


The Wildys Wild Horses of Alberta



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Trail Ride

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Sleigh Ride

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