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The Family Farm is still a way of life.

Central Alberta Farms

Farm Properties For Sale In Alberta

Remember, Farmers Feed the World


The Alberta
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Central Alberta Farms - Agriculture Realtor In Alberta


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Andries Steegstra specializes in rural real estate in Alberta, offering a wide variety of services, specifically helping immigrants settle into farming enterprises. The majority of his overall business is dairy farm sales. Additionally, Andries handles sales for a variety of other agricultural properties including:


  • Poultry

  • Swine

  • Beef

  • Grain Farms

  • Land Lots

  • Hobby Farms


Andries extensive knowledge of the local market enables him to deal with a wide variety of clients including those within Alberta and Canada. He invests a great deal of time and effort to market his farms and ranches for sale overseas. Andries accomplishes this by conducting seminars and attending trade shows around the world to attract potential buyers. He works with a European network of brokers to ensure that immigrants receive the best possible service, both in their country of origin and in Canada.   Andries is sure to find a property that works for you.


International Rural Real Estate in Alberta


If you are a farmer and you want to relocate to Canada, then Andries Steegstra from Central Alberta Farms is here to help. Specializing in , Andries assists you in finding the perfect property for your new endeavour.rural real estate in Alberta


As an immigrant himself, he understands the effort it takes to relocate to Canada and works diligently to ensure your new property acquisition is smooth and stress-free. He is part of a vast network of international brokers, giving him access to resources that are needed for a painless sale.


An Extensive Listing of Agricultural Properties


Whether you are looking to join Alberta's extensive cattle industry or you want to grow wheat and grain, Andries will find the right location for your new farm.  He has a comprehensive listing of properties, with everything from small farms for sale to large-scale agricultural plants.


Additionally, if you are looking for a rural home or lot of land, Andries has listings for those too. This way you can enjoy the amenities of living in Alberta without the hustle and bustle of the big cities or the humdrum life of the suburbs. Reach out to Andries to explore the listings he has available and let him help you make the prairies your new home.


Support for Immigrants


Immigrating to another country is a lot of hard work. The application process is long, requiring many forms, references, and several interviews with Citizenship Canada. Doing this while also trying to purchase property is a nightmare.


Thankfully for you, Andries is here to help with his extensive immigration information. Through his support, he aims to make the immigration process a lot smoother, while also providing a personal contact locally in Canada. To learn more about his assistance and the immigration process, reach out to his office.


Choosing Alberta


Combing the grand elegance of the Rocky mountains with the rolling plains of the prairies, Alberta is a fantastically beautiful province to move to. Having over 52 million acres of farmland, Alberta is the perfect place to find a farm or ranch for sale. Additionally, the province has a rich cultural history and is home to world-class events such as the Calgary Stampede. To learn more about everything Alberta has to offer, call Andries today.


Contact Andries Steegstra when you are interested in purchasing a rural property in Central Alberta. He proudly serves clients from around the world.

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